Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well, school student discipline is indeed going down the drain. most times, some parents are highly responsible in encouraging indiscipline in schools. scenario one : parent comes 2 school n demanded why the school has confiscated his son's unconventional school bag which was already announced to the students n given ample warning on the action to be taken by school if students persist in using those types of bags. the father said that by taking away his son's bag, he (his son) cannot study! The irony is that if he were to really check what was in his son's bag, he would have noticed that all his son had taken to school was just a packet of tissues!!! scenario two : school discipline teacher scolded a student for not respecting the teacher teaching in front of the class, student answered that his father is very rich, why should he bother? he went on to taunt the teacher when the discipline teacher challenged him to repeat what he had said. he retorted that the teacher must be deaf for not hearing what he had said!!! scenario three : teacher noticed a student missing in the class and told his friends in the class that if he didn't return to class soon, she'd report him to the police. the next day, mother comes, questioned the teacher why she had threatened to report his son to the police!!!! for discipline to be effective in schools, parents should be understanding and give their full support to actions taken by the school authorities.

Monday, April 13, 2009

beware - doctors, private n public

hi, just want to share with all of u the recent experience i had with doctors. my wife came down with fever and was initially diagnosed by the local doctor in the area of suspected dengue. she was put on medication based on the diagnosis. after a week of off-on, on-off fever, she decided to consult a specialist in the next major town. immediately, the specialist dismissed the diagnosis of suspected dengue. she was diagnosed as having mild pneumonia with asthmatic systoms ( my wife has no history of asthma ). she was put on medication as an asthmatic patient. after a week of hospitalisation, she was discharged and given some medication to take home. the next day she felt weak and numb and trembling. this time i took her to her previous lung specialist ( not the same as the one who diagnosed her as having asthmatic problem ). the specialist immediately hospitalised my wife and after an isoscopic scan, her lungs were found to have white lining caused by the medication taken so far and there was a slight bleeding in her stomach. it was concluded that the medication given by the other specialist was too strong and the side effect was that now it has caused her to have gastric problem. so, how to trust doctors nowadays? if we can't trust doctors, who can we trust ?