Thursday, June 24, 2010

abolish upsr and pmr?

what will they think of next? abolish the spm? maybe it's a good idea and let everybody go up to form six.. as it is now, students are not very motivated to study, so if those major exams were to be abolished what other push can teachers use to force or encourage students to work or study hard for? with those major exams, at least there exist some form of competition among students to prove to society that they can do it or that they are better than some. but with the abolishment, what else is there to make the students to strive hard for? i strongly do not agree that those exams should be abolished.., do you?

Friday, June 4, 2010

holidays are here again!

well, well, well. the holidays are here again! hope the f5 students will take this opportunity to do revision whilst the f4 students should do some studies too! for the f3s, this is the time you really should buck up and finish at least the first round of the their revision... me, busy marking and might stop going online for a short while... anyway, happy holidays one and all!!