Thursday, May 28, 2009

life's brief candle

hi. once more, a death within our midst often brings back the harsh reality of man's mortality. a form two student recently passed away. a bubbly, healthy full-of-potential, 14-year-old little girl has passed away just like that. one day she's within the world of the living, the next.... ahh! life's but a walking shadow, that struts and frets its hour upon the stage and then is heard no more..... ! it's like the "candle in the wind". she died because of an infection to a small wound. it seemed that the rusty metal she got cut by infected her blood stream and now she's no more. it's rather a sad, sad way to leave. once again it has proven that life is indeed short. for youngsters out there reading this, take heed. remember, all our yesterdays have lighted fools to the way of the dusty death... having survived all our yesterdays, we assume we'll live on and on... never realising that we can just be gone in an instant, without warning, without any signs... so, youngsters especially, should treasure what u have now before u realize that it's too late. value what u have now. do not think u'll do it later 'cos later might never come..... RIP to the student, my condolences to her parents and loved ones.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tv influence

i was watching the election2 shown over tv3 last night and was rather shell-shocked that these types of movies are being shown over national tv. don't get me wrong. i like action-packed movies too but this movie gives me the creeps because as i watched, i realised that that's where secret society members can get ideas on how to kill, intimidate and plan to carry out their illegal activities. besides that, those actions were glorified and shown to prove that in order to survive in their world those are things they can do. action and violent movies from hollywood might be gorier and more violent but they seem to give us a sense of fantasy or the feeling that these things do not happen in the real world- there's no wolverine, vampires or werewolves. but the hk reality based type of movies which gives ideas to the audience on what they can do in the negative way really, really makes me scared. will criminals and crime lords get ideas from them or even' improved' on them?

Monday, May 18, 2009

read the papers-lah, politicians!

politicking day after day, but our economy problem pushed aside. that's what's happening now. the best and only way to solve the impasse in the perak situation is of course the dissolution of the state assembly and fresh elections are called. if it comes to that i would really appeal to all perakians to vote in a strong government to avoid all this wasteful and useless politicking. kindly bear in mind, too, that the election results would also have a direct impact on the federal government whereby there are politicians waiting eagerly by the sidelines to overthrow the present government! choose wisely. kick out politicians whose main agenda is to get political mileage or winning the election for their personal gains or interests. politicians, wake up!! the people of perak and the nation are already fed-up with all this tussle for power!!! heed the voices telling you to turn your energy and time for the welfare of the people lest what you'll win in the end is nothing or a state or country badly affected by the global downturn and experiencing big deficits from all these politicking!! you'll inherit but a nation full of strife and anarchy. you can make the difference.

Monday, May 11, 2009

it's a rip-off!

students doing history or geography projects getting info from local authorities are being fleeced to get the info. recently a group of students went to kellie's castle for their history project, to get certain info they were told to pay - if not, sit there n copy!! want a map/ plan ? - pay! if not, copy!! the asking price? RM15 to RM20!!!! wonder if they're allowed to charge the students. n mind you, the rm15 is just for a photocopy of the plan of the castle!!!! wonder how long this has been going on? shouldn't all this historical info be given free or maybe a nominal sum can be charged for the trouble or for the photocopy- wouldn't rm 1 to rm2 suffice?

Monday, May 4, 2009

it's not safe anymore

hi, crime rate is increasing in my area from what i've heard. first case, students carrying the plastic handy bags are targets for snatch thieves as they know fully well most of these students have at least a handphone which they can trade off or sell. case two, a house was broken into, the couple was threatened with a parang, the man was asked to provide the pin number to his atm card, while his accomplice goes to the bank to get the money. if he is unsuccessful, they will kill the wife first. after successfully getting the money from the bank, they drove off with the family's two luxurious cars! case three, a girl was riding on a bike, two boys on another bike came by, the pillion grabbed the wallet from the back pocket of the girl's jeans, kicked the girl's bike, and quickly rode off. luckily, the girl did not lose her balance. mind you, this happened in bright daylight! the igp had recently announced that there'll be more on the ground patrols but it's clearly not implemented - yet. hope there'll be more policing in the days to come. it's getting more and more unsafe to go out or even staying at home.