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A New Dawn for Malaysia

GE14 is finally over and the dust has settled. Results were finalised and the inevitable has happened. The change of guards has been long overdue since the beginning of the millennium when most incumbent and governments of old has changed. It has happened in many other countries where the ruling government for decades have been replaced. It has finally reached our shores.
With the new elected government, a fresh new beginning and a rebirth of a nation, a new hope has been awakened. It was indeed a new Malaysia that Malaysians, young and old woke up to on the dawn of 10th May 2018. It will go down in history as the first ever change in a government where the ruling political party which has been long entrenched in the hearts and minds of every Malaysian since the birth of the country, has finally been voted out democratically and peacefully.
Since day one of the formation of the new government, we, Malaysians are finally seeing the true picture of our economy and our current standing i…

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