GE14 is just around the corner.... tension is all around from the candidates to the ordinary laymen in Malaysia. No matter the outcome, i fervently hope that cool heads will prevail and no unnecessary violence will occur. Winning or losing is part and parcel of every single competition or contest. Once the final results are tabulated and confirmed, all citizens including the candidates should close ranks and move on.

For voters in any constituencies, i have these questions which i hope you'll all ponder over before you cast the votes :
1. Who was your assemblyman these past five years?
2. What has he or she done for the constituencies the past five years?
3. Have you ever met them after the previous election?
4. Who did you turn to when you need help in solving your problems or the issues in your
5. Who is this new candidate standing in your constituencies?
6. Have you ever seen him or her before this?
7. Will you ever see him or her once the election is over and they have won?

Do ponder over the questions before casting your votes.... you have your rights, others too have theirs..... you have your opinions, others too.... the most important is you choose who you think can make a difference in your constituencies, someone who will be there when you need help....

Vote wisely....

Let there be no unnecessary tension or violence once the official results are out....


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