getting students interested in blogging...?

hi, i've noticed that students esp those in rural schools and those 'have-nots' seem to be quite ignorant of the world that is slightly further away from their hometown. they don't follow the news, most of them anyway and if they do, it's only the sports pages or some national news, beyond that, it's a blurr. imagine that when i questioned students on where is phuket, 95% of them didn't know the answer! that's why i often teased them that they are like the proverbial frog under the coconut shell! well, i'm trying (very hard, it seems) to open up their world and tocoax them out of their cocoons and see the world! i'm getting them interested in going into the internet to browse my blogs so as to make them read eng as well as to get them to know what blogging is i've encouraged them to leave comments but most felt inferior and not confident enough to write in eng. well, i've told them that, as long as i understand, that will be a good start. so, hopefully through this more of them would get involved in the blogging mood and subsequently be able to set up their own blog in the not too distant future....

here's a video clip ( to show that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it ) which i hope will inspire them to visit more and get in the idea of blogging.....


  1. Mr Poh, do the video means that we can cut people's body if we put our mind in it?? hahahaha!!

  2. Mr. Poh, many of us did have a bloggy laa. (;
    It's glad to know that you have a blog, as we could improve our english level by reading your bloggy. muahaha ;D

  3. to chOcO, yes, i meant to show that if we put our minds to it, nothing is impossible. you may try to cut people into halves,too, but make sure you learn how to put them back together again before you try that!!!!!! heeheehee!!!

    to WenXinnn, it's always good to know that most of you are into blogging.... keep it up...

    thanx 4 d comments......

  4. this post antagonized your students..making them to leave comments to you..good tactic..haha

  5. very effective, don't u think? well, at least i'm getting responses.... btw, all d best in ur pmr...


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