Tuesday, May 31, 2011

teenagers today.......

does this happen in your home?  are you like this at home? i wonder.....
Giving problems to your parents like embarrassing them  in public...

Expecting your parents to cater for you even after adulthood.....

Not  picking up after yourself and cannot see the mess in your own room....

Can't live without the handphone and knows nothing without the handphone....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

trip to sk kg senta

here are some pictures of the school....

the police station where we parked our cars
the sk kg senta school

the assembly ground
the canteen which opens only for RMT

the science garden
year 6 class (12 students only)

the school field

a sample of bahasa semai

a typical orang asli student

the scramblers used by teachers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sms...... sms.....

here's an example of what modern technology has reduced our youngsters to the only effective way they know how to communicate.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ode to Japan

walking on sandy beaches with their loved ones,
watching television in the arms of the loved ones.
lazing around in the house, reading the papers,
strolling in the park, admiring faraway skyscrapers.

in come the killer waves 10m high,
leaving no vehicles nor buildings dry.
sweeping away cars, lorries, boats, ships and even planes,
once a township, has now become devastated plains.

the ground moves and shatters beneath their feet,
there's no escape, nowhere to run when the ground begins to split.
nature has shown no mercy before,
henceforth, it's wrath springs forth from its core.

deaths and devastation seen every where in its vengeful path,
ships on buildings, cars in waters in the aftermath.
bodies piling high, scattered here and there,
hopes of miracles abound for those still out there.

air contamination from meltdowns of nuclear reactors,
add to woes and sorrows of all the administrators.
whence forth will it all end and new beginnings can start from scratch,
time will tell, 'tis said, but for the survivors it's still a stretch.

it's with this, i pray for japan and all its citizens in view,
it's said that when you cry, you cry alone,
but rest assured, at this moment, the world cries with you,
as the late michael jackson says, you're not alone... 


below is the sad video clip of the disaster....

Friday, January 28, 2011

new year, new beginnings...

well, it's been ages since i last posted in my blog... very busy with new school term, new environment and new challenges.. another reason is that, this school is no so into ict use... will get into that next time.. teaching in the primary is great except for the fact that there are so many extra classes as the school chases the number of As in their upsr results... teaching in the primary school needs some getting used to as for every second, a student can be calling you, telling you or even crying to the teacher and saying that this boy or girl did that or this and so on... well, as i said, new year, new beginning and new challenges.. i'll survive.....