new year, new beginnings...

well, it's been ages since i last posted in my blog... very busy with new school term, new environment and new challenges.. another reason is that, this school is no so into ict use... will get into that next time.. teaching in the primary is great except for the fact that there are so many extra classes as the school chases the number of As in their upsr results... teaching in the primary school needs some getting used to as for every second, a student can be calling you, telling you or even crying to the teacher and saying that this boy or girl did that or this and so on... well, as i said, new year, new beginning and new challenges.. i'll survive.....


  1. shum here ;) know?? take care :) Happy Belated Chinese New Year :) i think im the most earliest wishing u..haha! below is my blogger photographing .. come visit :)

  2. thanx 4 d greetings.. same 2 u n ur family... will visit ur website..


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