it's not safe anymore

hi, crime rate is increasing in my area from what i've heard. first case, students carrying the plastic handy bags are targets for snatch thieves as they know fully well most of these students have at least a handphone which they can trade off or sell. case two, a house was broken into, the couple was threatened with a parang, the man was asked to provide the pin number to his atm card, while his accomplice goes to the bank to get the money. if he is unsuccessful, they will kill the wife first. after successfully getting the money from the bank, they drove off with the family's two luxurious cars! case three, a girl was riding on a bike, two boys on another bike came by, the pillion grabbed the wallet from the back pocket of the girl's jeans, kicked the girl's bike, and quickly rode off. luckily, the girl did not lose her balance. mind you, this happened in bright daylight! the igp had recently announced that there'll be more on the ground patrols but it's clearly not implemented - yet. hope there'll be more policing in the days to come. it's getting more and more unsafe to go out or even staying at home.


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