life's brief candle

hi. once more, a death within our midst often brings back the harsh reality of man's mortality. a form two student recently passed away. a bubbly, healthy full-of-potential, 14-year-old little girl has passed away just like that. one day she's within the world of the living, the next.... ahh! life's but a walking shadow, that struts and frets its hour upon the stage and then is heard no more..... ! it's like the "candle in the wind". she died because of an infection to a small wound. it seemed that the rusty metal she got cut by infected her blood stream and now she's no more. it's rather a sad, sad way to leave. once again it has proven that life is indeed short. for youngsters out there reading this, take heed. remember, all our yesterdays have lighted fools to the way of the dusty death... having survived all our yesterdays, we assume we'll live on and on... never realising that we can just be gone in an instant, without warning, without any signs... so, youngsters especially, should treasure what u have now before u realize that it's too late. value what u have now. do not think u'll do it later 'cos later might never come..... RIP to the student, my condolences to her parents and loved ones.....


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