read the papers-lah, politicians!

politicking day after day, but our economy problem pushed aside. that's what's happening now. the best and only way to solve the impasse in the perak situation is of course the dissolution of the state assembly and fresh elections are called. if it comes to that i would really appeal to all perakians to vote in a strong government to avoid all this wasteful and useless politicking. kindly bear in mind, too, that the election results would also have a direct impact on the federal government whereby there are politicians waiting eagerly by the sidelines to overthrow the present government! choose wisely. kick out politicians whose main agenda is to get political mileage or winning the election for their personal gains or interests. politicians, wake up!! the people of perak and the nation are already fed-up with all this tussle for power!!! heed the voices telling you to turn your energy and time for the welfare of the people lest what you'll win in the end is nothing or a state or country badly affected by the global downturn and experiencing big deficits from all these politicking!! you'll inherit but a nation full of strife and anarchy. you can make the difference.


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