tv influence

i was watching the election2 shown over tv3 last night and was rather shell-shocked that these types of movies are being shown over national tv. don't get me wrong. i like action-packed movies too but this movie gives me the creeps because as i watched, i realised that that's where secret society members can get ideas on how to kill, intimidate and plan to carry out their illegal activities. besides that, those actions were glorified and shown to prove that in order to survive in their world those are things they can do. action and violent movies from hollywood might be gorier and more violent but they seem to give us a sense of fantasy or the feeling that these things do not happen in the real world- there's no wolverine, vampires or werewolves. but the hk reality based type of movies which gives ideas to the audience on what they can do in the negative way really, really makes me scared. will criminals and crime lords get ideas from them or even' improved' on them?


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