the devil and the deep blue sea

it's the political scenario now faced by malaysians. if we vote a strong bn government, they become invincible and corruptions and under counter deals will be the norm but things will run smoothly. if we vote in the oppositions, we have checks and balance. however, there're too many checks and balances now that the country does not seem to be able to move forward since the awakening on march 8. the devil and the deep blue sea. what shall we ordinary malaysians do? see what's happening in perak? there're still politicians who refused to accept the fact that they're no more in power. they still insist they're the legitimate government. when will this bickering like children ever going to end? when will politicians get down to the business of moving our beloved country forward for the benefit of all and not just the privileged few?


  1. If our politic problems keeps endure like this, sure our country will be soon affected


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