H1N1? .. i'll not get it, someone else will...

hi, that seems to be the thoughts of most malaysians judging by what i notice when i was out shopping with my family. 7th Sept was a perak state holiday and so i decided to take my family for a shopping trip to ipoh parade. before going my wife and i insisted that all of us must wear the face mask before we enter the shopping complex. my two teenage daughters were quite reluctant to wear, reasoning that we'll be the odd ones out. however we insisted and believed that many shoppers would be donning the face mask. lo and behold! my wife and i had a rather rude awakening. out of the hundreds of shoppers in the shopping complex, the number of people wearing the face mask is even less than the number of fingers in two hands! ( inclusive of my family of five ). my wife and i were rather taken aback by what we encountered. young and old were not wearing the face masks. we were indeed the odd ones in the shopping complex. however, i'm proud to say, my children and the whole family wore the face mask throughout our shopping spree in the place. to me, better to be safe than sorry but the apathy of malaysians left a bitter taste to our experience. H1N1, anyone...?


  1. haha..they will be aware when H1N1 gets serious

  2. wow...the MV is mentioning the seriously of H1N1 in our world...isn't it?haha...


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