it's lucrative to listen to the radio

hi, now, i would like to encourage and inspire visitors to my blog to listen to the radio esp redfm, flyfm and litefm! why? well, besides enjoying the music and songs churned out daily by the radio stations, we can actually win prizes and cash !!! my winnings have ranged from movie tickets, movie premiums, cds, cash, trips and even a computer!!! they often have these easy to win but depends on luck type of contests almost every hour of the day as long as you stay tuned long enough to a station. litefm belts out strictly oldies ('80s songs), flyfm - very hip hop contemporary type of music and songs whilst redfm is a nice combination of both the old and the new. presently, flyfm pagi show (from 7.45-8.00 am, mons to fris) has a cash prize of over RM1000 cash provided you can answer this simple question (don't tell me, phone up and be the lucky caller through and answer the question) : Where is Anywhere? as for redfm, the morn show (from 7.15-7.30am, mons to fris) you can win cash up to RM8,800 if you can guess the celebrity who said the word. so, during this coming long raya hols., listen to these two stations and try your luck.... just give me 20% of your winnings.....hahaha!!! just kidding.

happy listening!!!! and win something too!!!!!

all the best.


  1. If it is very easy thn we should try too...Haha...

  2. srry i dnt like to hear FM actually so..i will let someone help me get those prices(Its u,handsome Poh)

  3. i really never listen to eng.FM before and now i seldom also listen to chinese FM. As i know, chinese FM also provide many prizes for us to get. But many of us are not confident enough to call to d FM because we always worry about there may be a shame if we fail to win d prize.... so what should we do?

  4. besides listening to d eng. FM, can Mr.Poh suggest some ways to help us to improve our English level? and i always do not know how to write essays well. I have bought some essay books to learn some of the difficult words in the books but it is not enough in writing essays.

  5. to vonick, no harm trying... no one knows who u r. i've tried many many times - sometimes i do get through but my answers were wrong ( next time u hear poh from kampar, u know who-lah! ). i still keep trying. sometimes u need not answer any questions, just be the lucky sms through or the 8th, 9th or 10th callers through.... just give it a try...

    as 4 improving ur eng, write more n speak more in eng!!!! read more books (eng) n also d daily newspapers n d key is not to find meanings of every word u don.t understand- just go through d whole sentence or passage n guess d meaning. u only find meanings of words only when u read them often or when they r repeated often enough. do u know i still read a lot of novels? i've read d entire collection of lords of d rings, harry potter n evn d twilight series... still reading others ..... go ahead n read more. it really improves ur eng.


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