teenage angst..

browsing through the blogs of youngster do provide a window for the adults in their lives to view the frustrations and teenage angst expressed and displayed for all to see or read... however it begs the question why this is so? why the anger? why the frustrations? generation gap? i guess adults and youths ought to find the time to sit and trash out the problems. if not, i do fear for the future of these youngsters who are going to be our future pillars of strength or the leaders of tomorrow. what gives?


  1. waseii.
    *thumbs up*
    i can't 100% understand what Mr.Poh saying.
    Cause the engllish words were quite hard.

  2. good... next time get out a dictionary ready... learn a word a day...... hahaha

  3. hahaha, right too. can learn new words ;D

  4. great... that's my main aim.. to help improve your eng...

  5. finally can comment...
    sometimes feel that opera sucks..
    lag always...
    now my comment..
    actually blog for teenagers...
    is a place to release our feelings... (my opinion)
    the feelings that we cant let it out at reality..
    i think some of us did talk to our parents about our problem..
    but what we get is.. I.G.N.O.R.E.
    thats is why we dont want to let them know..
    so we let it out in blog!

  6. but u must understand there are opportunists surfing d internet for pent-up feelings like that n then take advantage of the situation... they know, it's the time when they're most vulnerable... so, i would still advise them not to let d world know their pent-up feelings...

  7. Sometimes
    We wanted to express something in our heart
    but there is nothing we can do
    So writing a blog is the most insure and also a convenience solution..
    but I recommend students to put their blog private..
    only Permit those who you wanted them to view..

    Now teacher really starts to know how to make more people to leave comments..including students..haha..majorities of the posts are published to counter students..way the go teacher..

  8. just getting them to read n write more eng.... read my other replies to ur comments... thanx.


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