what's in a name ? the food war....

what's all this hullabaloo about wanting to reserve the rights to certain types of food synonymous with the locality or area? so what if people in japan is having laksa, people in america having char kueh tuey or people in china having nasi lemak....? why must we lay claims to these foods? as long as the foods mentioned do not have the name of the place of origin lest it tarnishes its name, then live and let live... for example, if the place in japan does not have penang in front of the word laksa, then let it be..... what do you think...?


  1. haha...mr.poh...finally hv time 2 read ur blog...
    wah...food war oo...then what method can we stop it?hehe..

  2. guess it'll die away after some time... just let everybody enjoy the food irrespective of where it originated from... tq.

  3. they won't be earning more pennies when the "Japan Penang Laksa" appear at the restaurant..so why care? as long as the foods origins from our country..sure our nasi lemak or laksa will be tastier than others..than we will earn reputation from it..


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