fear factor......

yes, it's that time of the year where all form 3 and 5 students would have that feeling of fear... these are major public exams in which their future depends on. these are first steps into a new direction for all of them. for those taking pmr, it'll decide whether they'll get into the proper streams in form 4 to continue on their quest to achieve their ambition. for the 5th formers, it'll decide where their next path in life will be laid out for them... to all of them, all the very best of luck and i'll pray that all of them will succeed in their endeavours. fear not, just do your best...


  1. haha..
    mr poh..
    DID you see fear on their face??
    not all 'lah'.. but try to observe..
    Form 3 guys still dating with their gf straight after exam..
    Form 5 guys still going out late, burning their midnight oil at mamak..
    FEAR will only appear when they see the F word..

  2. guess u can't really see their fear but i'm sure they're panicking inside. maybe as u said, only when they see the 'f', then only they'll show their fear... guess history always repeats itself.. it's never ending. this group goes thru' this like this, then the next group comes in n they repeat the mistakes of their seniors in taking things easy until the 11th hour.... then the cycle repeats....never ending...

  3. Haha
    no fear at all
    I am fully-equiped!!
    just kidding
    some fears and also a bit nervous when we first started..but then we will adapt to it after a couple of exams..
    Only feel that my stomach gt butterflies when I have no idea what the answer is..

  4. hey, we don't say well-equipped for people - we say well-prepared... anyway all d best.... a few more papers to go.... a few more days of butterflies in ur stomach,,,, then it's time for catching butterflies.......


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