teenage romance... high school romance

teenage romance, high school romance, will they last the test of times and circumstances? 9 out of 10 would not last... maybe you think you are the 10th who can succeed, think again for it's not as simple as you think. matters of the heart never were. you know, you meet new people at every stage of your life, so, why commit to one so fast and so early? you must know, things change ever so often there's no guarantee it'll last.


  1. i also agree with you, Mr. poh. many teenagers nowadays like to start their romance in high school. some of them even have their "first night" at this early age. as a result, some girls are forced to marry with their boyfriends after have found that they are pregnant. many of them regret now and they need to take care of their child at 20 years old while others begin to start their journey at the same time. what a pity!

  2. well-said.. hope you'll not fall into that trap,too...

  3. haha...
    just hope them dont do anything wrong la..
    cant stop what... when the 'romance turbo' start.. haha!!
    they wont last..
    this is what we call... Puppy Love..
    a part of teenager life..

  4. ya, but some are tooo serious till it affects their studies n future....

  5. well, u've not read some of my students blog.. it's rather scary n shocking...


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