well, doomsday is just around the corner... or is it? many astrologers, religions and fortune tellers have predicted 21 dec 2012 is the day of the Armageddon, the end of the world... so, what do you all think? will it happen as predicted or... ? what would you do if that was really the doomsday?


  1. Yes
    we maybe cannot predict what is the future
    But what we know is our mother nature is destroying by our own hands..
    Pollutions and globalwarming..even if it won't falls on 2012..but it is still a fact that will happen in the future.

  2. i agree, it's actually a wakeup call for all to do something about the environment...

  3. Humans are arousing the Earth. And it is getting more and more angry.
    Yet, humans still think that they are the Greatest, in the case where they are only a tiny bitty creature comparing to th Earth and the Universe.
    May humans realize about their sins and get back their humanity.
    Hope that God will be with us and wash away our sins, make the world a better world.

    p.s: Mr Poh, did you watch the movie--2012? I watched it today, at its premier. It is a great movie to watch! It makes us think, think about what we've done, and think about what we shall do next. You should watch it!!!

  4. no, no time yet... many during the coming holidays... yeah, it's a great message and wake-up call for us humans to take heed of mother nature before it's too late....

  5. i watch 2012 twice and its a really great movie.i think it maybe is the greatest film i ever watch this year.religions said that 21 dec 2012 will be the end of the world.i'm not really think that it wilk happen at 21 dec 2012.as a matter of fact,it could happen any day in the year 2012.and what i have say is i hope human being all around the world will start protect mother nature and hopefully our future generations will be able to live in this beautiful earth.i hope all people will start take notice about the dying environment because we are warned starting now........may jesus be with us all the time

  6. but you must know... we humans can't do anything but to find ways of escaping... better start building a noah's ark....

  7. i agree about your spot.why i say that because according to my knowledge, nowadays, many places in the World was happen natural disaster like earthquake,tsunami and so on that maybe cause people loss their home. From:lew wai kin

  8. so, try to do something about it... no shopping bags... no open burning.... no wasting paper and water... thanx for the comment.


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