the end of the world?

hi, just watched 2012 in the big screen... fantastic and spectacular! it's a true hollywood extravaganza! the special effects are really beyond compare... we were warned... yes, we are but what are we going to do about it? and according to the film there's nothing we humans can do except maybe to start building a noah's ark... it seems the end of  the world has nothing to do with our human actions but a natural phenomena that will and can happen in the not too distant future.. the only thing we can do is hope that it does not happen... maybe i should start ordering parts in making a boat and also get a crash course on boat-building.... what do you think ?


  1. haha..indeed a good idea..
    the movie shows that china's manpower is extraodinary..
    they can built so many things in just a short period..

  2. true... so brush up on your mandarin... have you ever heard of noah's ark and the story behind it...?

  3. yup..the story about that a man built a big ark..
    so we'll do as same as him when the time comes?

  4. I watched it!!!
    Noah`s Evan Almighty!!
    XD I love this Comedy movie very MUCH!!!
    Steve Carell is so hilarious and his comedy movies are GreaT!!! ^^
    haha....hi Mr.Poh!!! ^^
    Me Chin Yong Leong~~ XD

  5. well, do be prepared when the time comes....


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