just to share with all of you an incident where i recently dropped my keys somewhere along the way to town while riding on a bike. when i realised the loss, i quickly retraced my steps. i was frantically searching along the road i went earlier but still i couldn't find it. after a while and almost giving up hope, i decided to stop at a soya bean stall near my area, a stall which i've never stopped to drink before even though i was thirsty because i felt that the place is rather dusty and not suitable to have a drink stall. anyway, out of the blues i decided to stop there for a drink. guess what? as i was drinking, i looked up and there dangling right in front of me... my set of keys!!!! i told the lady that that was my set of keys and she said that she found it on the road and was dangling it in front of her stall in the hopes that the owner would see it. frankly, if i had not stopped there, i was have been still searching for my keys... up till now, i'm still wondering what made me stop there for a drink.. luck... ? help from above..? either way, i'm very thankful...


  1. LOL..
    Interesting and lucky Incident
    Quite some times teacher didn't update your blog..

  2. HAHAHA, it's fated to be =)
    Mr.Poh is indeed lucky.

  3. to tim, ya... i'm rather busy marking... n checking stock 4 year end...

    to wenxinn, thanx...

  4. hahax...
    so.. this is a hint.. that you shall go and drink the soya bean always so that you can meet more luck!

  5. maybe... maybe you're right.... will visit the auntie more often for my soya drink....


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