this is it.......

well, with the showing of the docu movie of the late mj, i guess it's the final curtains we'll see the man in the mirror performing in front of an audience... it's indeed the final nail in the coffin that the greatest performer of all times has indeed left us.... only memories remain.... fare thee well, mj... you're indeed gone too soon..


  1. did you watch it? i heard that it is boring... hehe

  2. no, i didn't watch it but the reviews said it's very entertaining and sad as well as very touching... it seems many people especially the fans came out with tears in their eyes... do you know that it's being extended to nov 18 but not every cinemas...

  3. ya~
    Ipoh Jusco stop..
    Kong Zheng Xi went and watched... with his bunch of friends, who are also MJ fans..
    but they complain about it..
    Maybe the whole thing is about his rehersal.. thats why they feel boring?

  4. maybe they don't understand eng? haha!


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