teenage upbringing

have you all read or heard of the news whereby a mother doused herself with petrol and tried to burn herself? the reason... an impossible teenage daughter!!! she said that she could not handle her teenage daughter and was at her wit's end and she finally took the drastic decision to burn herself alive. fortunately, she was rescued and escaped with minor burns. heard of andy lau's case where a father sold off his house so that his daughter could go to Hong Kong to meet her idol, andy lau. after she had achieved that, she still pestered her father to make andy lau be her boyfriend and in order to do that her father jumped into the sea and left a note begging andy lau to be her boyfriend!!! and  this girl, after her father's death, still took the note to andy lau to ask him to be her boyfriend, without feeling anything about her father's death... there was no sadness on her part!!! what is the world coming to when children have very selfish wants and demands that drive most parents to the brink, either towards madness or suicide??? what are teenagers expecting from parents anyway?


  1. sigh...
    so sorry to hear about that...
    some idols can make their fans to do somethings that out of control of them....
    so hard to believe that the parents will suicide just because of their insane daughter....

  2. well, that's the facts of life... the hard reality..

  3. So children should be trained when they are young. Train them to think priority of their parents. Mould their personality when they are still young.

  4. true, but most when young will obey and listen to their parents. it's only when they're teenagers that things seem to get out of hand. teenage angst or no, they should respect their parents and listen to their advice.


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