please rob me!!!!!

well, there's a website with that name and it's a warning to all and sundry especially the young when using all those social websites or be socially active in the internet... it seems that whatever you have uploaded in the internet either through facebook, blog, twitter or other social networks, your profile can be accessed by strangers or anyone who is computer savvy enough to know everything there is to know about you so much so that if a burglar or robber wishes to do their next job they can get all the info they need with just a click of the mouse!! they can know where you work, when you're out, when you return from work, who your family members are, whether you are still single, married or divorce or just a lonely child at home!!! hence, it's practically everything about you which will enable them to plan their next 'job'... so beware and watch what you upload.... be careful... better safe than sorry....


  1. oops!nice advice...i will be more careful starting from now...i seldom upload somethings in the internets particularly my private or personal details...

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