girls and ladies - beware!!!!!!

recently a school girl was raped in broad daylight after school. she was waiting for the bus home after school (around 2-3 in the afternoon, mind you!), when she was approached by a man in a car who pretended to ask for directions as well as to say that he needs to talk to the principal of that school urgently. being a naive and helpful girl, she got into the car and her nightmare began! how could this happen? what has society turned into? is there anywhere 'safe' from predators like the rapist? how can we protect ourselves, our sisters, daughters, aunts and all women from harm? guess the only way is for us all to be wary and alert always and never let our guard down. do not trust any strangers.. do not go anywhere alone... not even for short distances. predators are everywhere always on the prowl, waiting and hunting for his next prey.. so beware. sorry to sound so paranoid but that's what the society is becoming into- a very unsafe one.. unless the police can prove otherwise... by getting the culprits booked and sentenced promptly and effectively.
we must leave no stones unturned to send those fiends to jail forever! maybe the police or government should draft new punishments which are more severe and acts as strong deterrents to future offenders. something must be done and quick!!! 
i pray those responsible for such despicable acts will burn in hell!!! have they ever thought about role reversal whereby who knows, as a form of retribution, their daughters are in turn raped by others? let your head decide your actions and not your libidos, that's what is separating us from animals, because we can think before we act and we are supposed to make the right choices and not be like animals which just act on instincts and impulse!!!
my heart goes out to the girl in the incident. may you be brave enough to go through this terrible experience and live your life to the fullest and realize your ambitions. god bless you!!


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