Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year new beginnings..

hi, happy new year! well, looks like another year has left us and we're moving on to a new year... what a year 2009 was! lots of tragedies.... well, hopefully the year 2010 will be better for all with new beginnings and hopes for a brighter year ahead... let's keep our fingers crossed...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the end of the world?

hi, just watched 2012 in the big screen... fantastic and spectacular! it's a true hollywood extravaganza! the special effects are really beyond compare... we were warned... yes, we are but what are we going to do about it? and according to the film there's nothing we humans can do except maybe to start building a noah's ark... it seems the end of  the world has nothing to do with our human actions but a natural phenomena that will and can happen in the not too distant future.. the only thing we can do is hope that it does not happen... maybe i should start ordering parts in making a boat and also get a crash course on boat-building.... what do you think ?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

this is it.......

well, with the showing of the docu movie of the late mj, i guess it's the final curtains we'll see the man in the mirror performing in front of an audience... it's indeed the final nail in the coffin that the greatest performer of all times has indeed left us.... only memories remain.... fare thee well, mj... you're indeed gone too soon..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


well, doomsday is just around the corner... or is it? many astrologers, religions and fortune tellers have predicted 21 dec 2012 is the day of the Armageddon, the end of the world... so, what do you all think? will it happen as predicted or... ? what would you do if that was really the doomsday?

Monday, November 9, 2009


just to share with all of you an incident where i recently dropped my keys somewhere along the way to town while riding on a bike. when i realised the loss, i quickly retraced my steps. i was frantically searching along the road i went earlier but still i couldn't find it. after a while and almost giving up hope, i decided to stop at a soya bean stall near my area, a stall which i've never stopped to drink before even though i was thirsty because i felt that the place is rather dusty and not suitable to have a drink stall. anyway, out of the blues i decided to stop there for a drink. guess what? as i was drinking, i looked up and there dangling right in front of me... my set of keys!!!! i told the lady that that was my set of keys and she said that she found it on the road and was dangling it in front of her stall in the hopes that the owner would see it. frankly, if i had not stopped there, i was have been still searching for my keys... up till now, i'm still wondering what made me stop there for a drink.. luck... ? help from above..? either way, i'm very thankful...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

malaysian eng.... manglish

hi, it's been quite sometime i didn't blog... well, very busy with exams-the setting, stapling invigilating and now the marking of papers...phew... a teacher's life is never done... anyway, just stole some time from marking to blog about .... english language... malaysian style!... click the snippet below to enlarge the print and enjoy malaysian english... here goes...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


well, who can tell me what mottainai is ? if you know what it is, then good for you.. if not, open your eyes and see... then let me know... we should always do our part..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fear factor......

yes, it's that time of the year where all form 3 and 5 students would have that feeling of fear... these are major public exams in which their future depends on. these are first steps into a new direction for all of them. for those taking pmr, it'll decide whether they'll get into the proper streams in form 4 to continue on their quest to achieve their ambition. for the 5th formers, it'll decide where their next path in life will be laid out for them... to all of them, all the very best of luck and i'll pray that all of them will succeed in their endeavours. fear not, just do your best...

Friday, October 2, 2009

teenage romance... high school romance

teenage romance, high school romance, will they last the test of times and circumstances? 9 out of 10 would not last... maybe you think you are the 10th who can succeed, think again for it's not as simple as you think. matters of the heart never were. you know, you meet new people at every stage of your life, so, why commit to one so fast and so early? you must know, things change ever so often there's no guarantee it'll last.

Monday, September 28, 2009

what's in a name ? the food war....

what's all this hullabaloo about wanting to reserve the rights to certain types of food synonymous with the locality or area? so what if people in japan is having laksa, people in america having char kueh tuey or people in china having nasi lemak....? why must we lay claims to these foods? as long as the foods mentioned do not have the name of the place of origin lest it tarnishes its name, then live and let live... for example, if the place in japan does not have penang in front of the word laksa, then let it be..... what do you think...?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

teenage angst..

browsing through the blogs of youngster do provide a window for the adults in their lives to view the frustrations and teenage angst expressed and displayed for all to see or read... however it begs the question why this is so? why the anger? why the frustrations? generation gap? i guess adults and youths ought to find the time to sit and trash out the problems. if not, i do fear for the future of these youngsters who are going to be our future pillars of strength or the leaders of tomorrow. what gives?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


hi, notice the fish swimming in the box on the right? try putting your mouse near or around them.... you'll be surprised! try it....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a riddle or two to crack ur heads 4 d raya hols....

riddle 1 :
I am everywhere and nowhere
You can see me wherever you look
I am both in the sky and on the ground
I have no mass or elemental structure
What am I ?

riddle 2 :
I can be cracked
I can be opened
I can be found in a police station
I can be found in some attics
What am I ?

and here's a video clip 4 ur enjoyment....

all our yesterdays have lighted fools......

hi, know where the line comes from? it's from life's brief candle! i wish to talk on this as i notice that many students tend to make fun of teachers who are growing old and having their body shapes all altered in one way or another, just remember that, you'll grow old and look like that too one day... don't believe me? .. take a look at these pictures.......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's lucrative to listen to the radio

hi, now, i would like to encourage and inspire visitors to my blog to listen to the radio esp redfm, flyfm and litefm! why? well, besides enjoying the music and songs churned out daily by the radio stations, we can actually win prizes and cash !!! my winnings have ranged from movie tickets, movie premiums, cds, cash, trips and even a computer!!! they often have these easy to win but depends on luck type of contests almost every hour of the day as long as you stay tuned long enough to a station. litefm belts out strictly oldies ('80s songs), flyfm - very hip hop contemporary type of music and songs whilst redfm is a nice combination of both the old and the new. presently, flyfm pagi show (from 7.45-8.00 am, mons to fris) has a cash prize of over RM1000 cash provided you can answer this simple question (don't tell me, phone up and be the lucky caller through and answer the question) : Where is Anywhere? as for redfm, the morn show (from 7.15-7.30am, mons to fris) you can win cash up to RM8,800 if you can guess the celebrity who said the word. so, during this coming long raya hols., listen to these two stations and try your luck.... just give me 20% of your winnings.....hahaha!!! just kidding.

happy listening!!!! and win something too!!!!!

all the best.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

getting students interested in blogging...?

hi, i've noticed that students esp those in rural schools and those 'have-nots' seem to be quite ignorant of the world that is slightly further away from their hometown. they don't follow the news, most of them anyway and if they do, it's only the sports pages or some national news, beyond that, it's a blurr. imagine that when i questioned students on where is phuket, 95% of them didn't know the answer! that's why i often teased them that they are like the proverbial frog under the coconut shell! well, i'm trying (very hard, it seems) to open up their world and tocoax them out of their cocoons and see the world! i'm getting them interested in going into the internet to browse my blogs so as to make them read eng as well as to get them to know what blogging is i've encouraged them to leave comments but most felt inferior and not confident enough to write in eng. well, i've told them that, as long as i understand, that will be a good start. so, hopefully through this more of them would get involved in the blogging mood and subsequently be able to set up their own blog in the not too distant future....

here's a video clip ( to show that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it ) which i hope will inspire them to visit more and get in the idea of blogging.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

H1N1? .. i'll not get it, someone else will...

hi, that seems to be the thoughts of most malaysians judging by what i notice when i was out shopping with my family. 7th Sept was a perak state holiday and so i decided to take my family for a shopping trip to ipoh parade. before going my wife and i insisted that all of us must wear the face mask before we enter the shopping complex. my two teenage daughters were quite reluctant to wear, reasoning that we'll be the odd ones out. however we insisted and believed that many shoppers would be donning the face mask. lo and behold! my wife and i had a rather rude awakening. out of the hundreds of shoppers in the shopping complex, the number of people wearing the face mask is even less than the number of fingers in two hands! ( inclusive of my family of five ). my wife and i were rather taken aback by what we encountered. young and old were not wearing the face masks. we were indeed the odd ones in the shopping complex. however, i'm proud to say, my children and the whole family wore the face mask throughout our shopping spree in the place. to me, better to be safe than sorry but the apathy of malaysians left a bitter taste to our experience. H1N1, anyone...?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the devil and the deep blue sea

it's the political scenario now faced by malaysians. if we vote a strong bn government, they become invincible and corruptions and under counter deals will be the norm but things will run smoothly. if we vote in the oppositions, we have checks and balance. however, there're too many checks and balances now that the country does not seem to be able to move forward since the awakening on march 8. the devil and the deep blue sea. what shall we ordinary malaysians do? see what's happening in perak? there're still politicians who refused to accept the fact that they're no more in power. they still insist they're the legitimate government. when will this bickering like children ever going to end? when will politicians get down to the business of moving our beloved country forward for the benefit of all and not just the privileged few?

Friday, August 21, 2009

the whitelighters

hi. ever wondered what has happened to all the hoo-ha over cars fixing white lights instead of the usual amber? well, looks like it's over and forgotten. whitelighters are increasing in numbers day by day while the rules and implementation of the rule languished in the annals of traffic rules. even the latest exora and proton sagas are equipped with the white lights. yes, i do admit that they are brighter but at the expense of blinding oncoming drivers!? and what of the rear seatbelt rule? you tell me....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

tears for the king of pop

i'm sure everyone who witnessed the mj memorial service would have been touched to tears the world all over. the memorial service was a reality check for all that mj is no more in this world. anything said and done would never ever bring back the true entertainer of all times..... farewell to the greatest and best of all.... u r not alone...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the day the music died...

the sad news of the passing away of one of the world's greatest musician, singer, dancer, song-writer of all times shocked people (fans & non-fans) all over the world. it saddens me greatly too for he's the ONE that got me started with paying good money to buy an album and much later vcds of all his music videos. of course i'm talking of michael jackson. his private life might be in shambles and chaotic but his music and songs touches all, even the hardest of all people. he had indeed given back a lot to the world community but sadly he was often plagued with scandals and lawsuits one after another. he's a clear case of childhood gone wrong that affected his adult life. his is indeed a tragic story. he'd always be remembered the artiste who introduced music videos, the one who introduced the moonwalk, the one who had all the slick dance moves complete with the signature crouch pulling style!! he's indeed irreplaceable-we'll never get another like him, eccentric but multi-talented! i'll miss him badly though his music will always be with me...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

life's brief candle

hi. once more, a death within our midst often brings back the harsh reality of man's mortality. a form two student recently passed away. a bubbly, healthy full-of-potential, 14-year-old little girl has passed away just like that. one day she's within the world of the living, the next.... ahh! life's but a walking shadow, that struts and frets its hour upon the stage and then is heard no more..... ! it's like the "candle in the wind". she died because of an infection to a small wound. it seemed that the rusty metal she got cut by infected her blood stream and now she's no more. it's rather a sad, sad way to leave. once again it has proven that life is indeed short. for youngsters out there reading this, take heed. remember, all our yesterdays have lighted fools to the way of the dusty death... having survived all our yesterdays, we assume we'll live on and on... never realising that we can just be gone in an instant, without warning, without any signs... so, youngsters especially, should treasure what u have now before u realize that it's too late. value what u have now. do not think u'll do it later 'cos later might never come..... RIP to the student, my condolences to her parents and loved ones.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tv influence

i was watching the election2 shown over tv3 last night and was rather shell-shocked that these types of movies are being shown over national tv. don't get me wrong. i like action-packed movies too but this movie gives me the creeps because as i watched, i realised that that's where secret society members can get ideas on how to kill, intimidate and plan to carry out their illegal activities. besides that, those actions were glorified and shown to prove that in order to survive in their world those are things they can do. action and violent movies from hollywood might be gorier and more violent but they seem to give us a sense of fantasy or the feeling that these things do not happen in the real world- there's no wolverine, vampires or werewolves. but the hk reality based type of movies which gives ideas to the audience on what they can do in the negative way really, really makes me scared. will criminals and crime lords get ideas from them or even' improved' on them?

Monday, May 18, 2009

read the papers-lah, politicians!

politicking day after day, but our economy problem pushed aside. that's what's happening now. the best and only way to solve the impasse in the perak situation is of course the dissolution of the state assembly and fresh elections are called. if it comes to that i would really appeal to all perakians to vote in a strong government to avoid all this wasteful and useless politicking. kindly bear in mind, too, that the election results would also have a direct impact on the federal government whereby there are politicians waiting eagerly by the sidelines to overthrow the present government! choose wisely. kick out politicians whose main agenda is to get political mileage or winning the election for their personal gains or interests. politicians, wake up!! the people of perak and the nation are already fed-up with all this tussle for power!!! heed the voices telling you to turn your energy and time for the welfare of the people lest what you'll win in the end is nothing or a state or country badly affected by the global downturn and experiencing big deficits from all these politicking!! you'll inherit but a nation full of strife and anarchy. you can make the difference.

Monday, May 11, 2009

it's a rip-off!

students doing history or geography projects getting info from local authorities are being fleeced to get the info. recently a group of students went to kellie's castle for their history project, to get certain info they were told to pay - if not, sit there n copy!! want a map/ plan ? - pay! if not, copy!! the asking price? RM15 to RM20!!!! wonder if they're allowed to charge the students. n mind you, the rm15 is just for a photocopy of the plan of the castle!!!! wonder how long this has been going on? shouldn't all this historical info be given free or maybe a nominal sum can be charged for the trouble or for the photocopy- wouldn't rm 1 to rm2 suffice?

Monday, May 4, 2009

it's not safe anymore

hi, crime rate is increasing in my area from what i've heard. first case, students carrying the plastic handy bags are targets for snatch thieves as they know fully well most of these students have at least a handphone which they can trade off or sell. case two, a house was broken into, the couple was threatened with a parang, the man was asked to provide the pin number to his atm card, while his accomplice goes to the bank to get the money. if he is unsuccessful, they will kill the wife first. after successfully getting the money from the bank, they drove off with the family's two luxurious cars! case three, a girl was riding on a bike, two boys on another bike came by, the pillion grabbed the wallet from the back pocket of the girl's jeans, kicked the girl's bike, and quickly rode off. luckily, the girl did not lose her balance. mind you, this happened in bright daylight! the igp had recently announced that there'll be more on the ground patrols but it's clearly not implemented - yet. hope there'll be more policing in the days to come. it's getting more and more unsafe to go out or even staying at home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well, school student discipline is indeed going down the drain. most times, some parents are highly responsible in encouraging indiscipline in schools. scenario one : parent comes 2 school n demanded why the school has confiscated his son's unconventional school bag which was already announced to the students n given ample warning on the action to be taken by school if students persist in using those types of bags. the father said that by taking away his son's bag, he (his son) cannot study! The irony is that if he were to really check what was in his son's bag, he would have noticed that all his son had taken to school was just a packet of tissues!!! scenario two : school discipline teacher scolded a student for not respecting the teacher teaching in front of the class, student answered that his father is very rich, why should he bother? he went on to taunt the teacher when the discipline teacher challenged him to repeat what he had said. he retorted that the teacher must be deaf for not hearing what he had said!!! scenario three : teacher noticed a student missing in the class and told his friends in the class that if he didn't return to class soon, she'd report him to the police. the next day, mother comes, questioned the teacher why she had threatened to report his son to the police!!!! for discipline to be effective in schools, parents should be understanding and give their full support to actions taken by the school authorities.

Monday, April 13, 2009

beware - doctors, private n public

hi, just want to share with all of u the recent experience i had with doctors. my wife came down with fever and was initially diagnosed by the local doctor in the area of suspected dengue. she was put on medication based on the diagnosis. after a week of off-on, on-off fever, she decided to consult a specialist in the next major town. immediately, the specialist dismissed the diagnosis of suspected dengue. she was diagnosed as having mild pneumonia with asthmatic systoms ( my wife has no history of asthma ). she was put on medication as an asthmatic patient. after a week of hospitalisation, she was discharged and given some medication to take home. the next day she felt weak and numb and trembling. this time i took her to her previous lung specialist ( not the same as the one who diagnosed her as having asthmatic problem ). the specialist immediately hospitalised my wife and after an isoscopic scan, her lungs were found to have white lining caused by the medication taken so far and there was a slight bleeding in her stomach. it was concluded that the medication given by the other specialist was too strong and the side effect was that now it has caused her to have gastric problem. so, how to trust doctors nowadays? if we can't trust doctors, who can we trust ?

Monday, March 23, 2009

riddle of the day

Why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Canada?

Friday, March 6, 2009

riddle of the day

in a herd of cows, all of them said 'moo' but one cow said 'baa'. why?

Friday, February 27, 2009

riddle for the day

What word can be written forward, backward or upside down and can still be read from left to right?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

riddle for the day

what is it that the more you take, the more you leave behind ?
hi, when most teachers prepare a powerpoint presentation, either for class lessons or as presentation in front of an audience, most would use the standard templates provided in the program. This often result in powerpoint presentations which are rather mundane and not very exciting to look at. do you know that you can change the background of the slides? please comment and i will show you how it is done or you can email me either to or keep in touch.. more coming as i learn more new ways to make my blog more and more interesting and relevant.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

here is a sample improper use of the english language. this was put on the fence of a zoo. to guarantee whose safety? the animals or the visitors?